What is the hands down best antivirus for PC?


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The main job of an antivirus is to detect a malware and deal with it before it causes any problem. But, this is not the case anymore. Today we possess lots of threats from various ways.

The Internet is a good place for entertainment, passing time, gaining information. But, where there’s a good, there is also a bad! It is also a spot for spreading viruses, trojans, malware. The Internet security is not only about countering malware, it is only a small part of the web. The Internet security nowadays is more about protecting privacy, data, and security from ransomware.

There is also another type of threat called “zero-day attack”, in which the malware is so new that no one knows about its presence. It hasn’t been analyzed or had its “signatures” built into malware database. So, the main factor here is at which speed at which these analyses are made by the security provider.

The security industry is growing faster and faster these days. There is “next gen” protection, which analyzes the behavior of programs and decides a particular action that needs to be taken. Artificial intelligence is also crawling its way into some Softwares. It monitors the activity of certain programs and caught it while attempting some unexpected operation. For example – Ransomware can be detected while attempting an unexpected encryption of files.

How Should You Choose Your Antivirus?

Security issues are not what they used to be in the past. Viruses are developing as each day passes. But the good news is today’s AV Softwares are also evolving against such issues, as the day passes they became more and more intelligent and equipped to face new threats.

In the past, Antivirus Software were able to defend you against the viruses and malware which were well known. But, today’s AV can also defend you against malware which is new and unknown. We choose many popular AV Softwares and tested them vigorously including many factors.

A good Antivirus should be able to defend you against malware using the traditional signature-based method as well as from new unknown malware which is not defined in malware database. A good Antivirus also should have a low impact on the performance of your PC. Otherwise, what is the benefit of spending money on the Software which degrades your machine’s performance?

Scan speed is also an important factor while choosing AV Software. An Antivirus should have good scanning speed otherwise, it isn’t worth it to spend money on the Software which takes hours of computer time in scanning.

The cleanup action is also another factor which should be taken into consideration while choosing your Antivirus Software. A good AV Software should take an appropriate action if it detects an infection, we should take into consideration what action does the AV software takes.

Here we have made the list of Antiviruses Softwares which are best in kind. You can spend your money on any one of them as the difference between them is very tiny. Every product in this list is worth your money.

Best Antivirus for PC

Bitdefender Total Security 2018

It is the most popular Antivirus available for Windows, Mac OS, and Android. It has remained the choice of many experts throughout many years. It offers excellent protection from new threats such as ransomware. It provides very simple UI and excellent protection against threats.

It also contains many other useful features like – Password manager, File Shredder, Anti-Theft and data protection.

McAfee Total Protection 2018

McAfee total protection is another one of the best Antivirus protection available. The major feature for McAfee AV is its AV scanner and its web/email protection. The scan engine used by McAfee is award winning and one of the best signature-based scanners available. Another feature includes Intel’s True Key, which uses your face or fingerprint to authenticate logins.

File Lock is basically a vault which keeps your data and files safe by using password and encryption. It can protect your files against programs such as ransomware. McAfee shredder will ensure your deleted file remains deleted. McAfee WebAdvisor protects you from potentially dangerous Websites and phishing attacks, it scans your downloads and alerts you about the threat. Vulnerability Scanner scans your programs regularly for updates and downloads them if available.

Norton Security Deluxe 2018

It is a product by Symantec. It uses “next gen” technology which monitors the behavior of the certain program to detect if it’s malware or not, they call it SONAR protection which is its parent’s technology.

The other feature includes disk optimizer, which defragments disk to make it faster. Browser protection protects you online, downloads also gets scanned for potential threats. File cleanup tool deletes the temporary files and frees up disk space. Startup manager delays certain programs from starting to improve your boot time.

Kaspersky Total Security 2018

Kaspersky Total Security is another one of the best AV Software available in the market. The package includes a browser which helps you to get rid of web tracking. Also, there is Kaspersky Safe Money which helps you in keeping your online transaction secure. It also contains onscreen keyboard to defend against programs such as keyloggers.

Other features include data vault which encrypts your files and keeps them safe from ransomware attacks. Parental Control and Software cleaner are also available in the Software bundle.

If you are using Bitdefender and not satisfied with it, I highly doubt any other solutions will be of help. I’m saying this as I consider Bitdefender and Emsisoft to be the best programs for home/ small business use.

I have tested and worked for numerous blogs and never saw something as awesome as Bitdefender. ( User since 2008 ). I tried Kaspersky and Symmantec (Norton ), however I felt like Kaspersky is missing some samples I tried. Symmantec was awesome in detection but not that user friendly and high on resource usage. ( Same was the case for Bitdefender total security ).

I would recommend reading this answer I had written some times back: Sankar Gopinath’s answer to Why do people purchase high-priced anti viruses like Kaspersky and Norton when many free anti viruses are easily Available over the Internet having features at par with the costly ones?

If you read the above passage, you’ll understand that there are no permanent cure for viruses and all software won’t catch and even if detected successfully block them. However there are some things you can do to protect yourself.

  1. Updates, updates and updates: update OS, Security software, browser, java, flash player and any other programs.
  2. Use ad-blockers like ublock and adbp
  3. Clean temporary files regularly. There are a ton of free programs like advanced system care, ccleaner,wise cleaner etc.
  4. Use a anti-key-logger and anti-malware along with your security software. Do please check for compatibility issues. eg: zemana, emsisoft etc.
  5. Disable auto play
  6. Enable firewall or use internet security software instead of antivirus
  7. Set auto scan for portable devices including HDD, DVD,Pen drives etc.
  8. Enable automatic scan by security software. Make it atleast once in a week.
  9. If you think Bitdefender is not performing well. and provided your computer has powerful hardware, go for small business security solution from Symmantec or upgrade to a Bitdefender small security package. This will take a toll on your system resources.
  10. Disable remote access to registry.
  11. make sure you scan the files downloaded from internet.

If you want a short description on how I rate some programs (Out of 10 ). Here goes the list: ( My observation is for the home need and on antivirus only, for other versions like office security the opinion is prone to change, also I only take protection in to consideration, not cost )

  • Avira: Best free antivirus. Paid version is also great. Good and fast updates. Rating: 8
  • Avast: Second best IMO. But makes me stay away from it as the number of false positives are more than I expected. Also a bit complex interface. Rating : 7.5
  • AVG : One of the oldest in the lot. I had good fun with avg in the past with a 1.7 GHz Pentium processor. But things have changed, I can only say decent detection rate but decent system resource usage. Average protection, easy interface. Rating 7.5
  • Bitdefender : Best of the best. I liked the software a lot. But not the resource usage by total security, it did slow down my computer. But great detection and less false positives. Easy interface, more features than a normal user will ever need and decent support. Rating 9.5
  • F-Secure: Started from mobile antivirus, Now on to PC too. Good detection rate and easy on the system Rating :9
  • Symmantec Norton: My old favorite. Great or greatest detection rate. In par with Kaspersky, but got fast scanning. Irecommend using this one. Rating 9.5
  • Kaspersky: Good detection rate, however missed some confirmed samples on the project I did. Considering the samples were old, I am a bit skeptical about the detection. Every other bit is almost perfect. In par with Norton. Recommend using this software. Rating: 9
  • Emsisoft : If I don’t like Bitdefender, I’m definitely going for this one. Fast scanning, multiple updates, great detection ( does have some false positives ) and easy interface. The whole package. Recommend to use as a supplement to your existing antivirus. It is no secret that some other anti-virus use their scanner technology to enhance detection. Rating 10 or 9.5
  • McAfee : This was suppose to be the king. However not that well in performing. The detection rate was very good, but not excellent. Rating: 6
  • Windows Defender: Basically if you don’t use internet a lot and download files, you need only this. Easy on system resources and easy to manage. One of the simplest program to master. Rating :7
  • ESET : This might upset ESET fan boys, however I must say that ESET is not on the same level as Bitdefender, Kaspersky or Norton in detection. But easy update and very low resource usage tends me to use this program. Rating:8.5
  • Panda : This one is a toughie. I like the functionality but hate it’s interface. Rating: 8
  • Trend micro :Once in par with Norton, but not any more. Trend micro offers relatively good protection. Rating 8.5
  • Quick heal: The Indian contribution. Famous in India, but do not provide enough protection. Rating : 8
  • Bull Guard & G-Data: Both felt awfully similar in detection. Rating :8.5
  • Vipre: Once almost got close to being best. But don’t know the current status. Rating at that time (2k12 range ) : 9
  • Malware bytes, Hitman Pro & Super antispyware: Supplement package for security. Added malware database to detect ad remove. Rating : 8
  • Zemana: This one prevents keystrokes being stolen/ tracked. Rating:9
  • SmadAV : Relatively unknown, detects a variety of small viruses and malware. You might be thinking why I included it here then? Well this small software can detect many samples that best of the best antivirus won’t detect, even the free version is a peach. Use it as a supplement to your system’s security. Rating:9
We are compiling a List of Top 10 Best Free Antivirus Especially for Windows. Yes, you can use any of the antivirus listed below, and protect your files, data from Viruses or being Encrypted. Just check the list, check each anti virus features and download your choice one and use it absolutely free forever.

Best free antivirus windows 10


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Best Free PC Antivirus Software

Windows PC clients require a solid antivirus program to avert malware assaults, to keep their PCs running proficiently, and to shield their online characters and individual data. Paid antivirus suites have numerous highlights to ensure kids on the web, oversee security on cell phones, and screen a PC’s firewall, programming refreshes and different highlights. Be that as it may, a few clients simply would prefer not to — or can’t — pay a yearly membership charge for those additional highlights.

On the off chance that that depicts you, you’ve gone to the correct place. We’ve assessed the most generally utilized free antivirus programs in light of their malware insurance, framework affect, usability and valuable additional highlights.

Best free antivirus windows 10

So which free PC antivirus item is appropriate for you? Of the six free antivirus programs we checked on, Avast Free Antivirus ended up as the winner. It offers great malware insurance, has a little framework execution affect and incorporates highlights that opponent those of midpriced paid antivirus suites, for example, a secret word director and a solidified internet browser.

In the event that you’d rather not complain with settings, at that point attempt Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, which has stunningly better malware assurance yet doesn’t give you a chance to alter (or do) considerably other than avert dangers.

When you get another PC the principal thing you ought to do is introduce some respectable security programming. Fortunately top quality insurance can be totally free, yet with so much decision, picking the correct one can be troublesome. So we’ve refreshed our manual for getting the best free antivirus to limit your decision.

Windows has made considerable progress as far as security, yet it’s still reasonable for propose that Windows 10’s worked in antivirus arrangement, Windows Defender, is the last free AV application you should trust to keep your framework clean.

Not that it’s clearly awful – in spite of the fact that it tails behind pretty much every outsider antivirus arrangement – but since its broad selection has a major target painted on it for assailants. Windows clients who haven’t introduced something hardier are the ideal hosts for infections; assault the powerless connections, assault through the chinks in the one bit of programming defensive layer these feeble connections have naturally, and you’re in.

Best free antivirus windows 10

How We Tested

To assess establishment, usability, interface and execution affect, we introduced every AV program on the same Asus X555LA PC, which ran Windows 10 and highlighted an Intel Core i3-4005U processor, 6GB of RAM and 36GB of information on a 500GB hard drive.

We directed our own tests on how much each antivirus item influenced our PC’s execution, utilizing our custom OpenOffice benchmark. We coordinated to what extent it took to run a speedy output and a full sweep while the workstation did the math out of sight.

We additionally evaluated how simple each program was to utilize, the quantity of helpful additional highlights it offered (counting free extra programming) and how persistently each program annoyed us to move up to paid programming.

Our malware-identification information originates from two free assessment labs: AV-TEST in Germany and AV-Comparatives in Austria. Every lab frequently tests major antivirus items for their capacities to identify zero-day malware and different dangers.

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

The best free antivirus scanner in 2018

Operating system: Windows, Mac, Android | Version: 2018 | Features: Phishing protection, Behavioural analysis, Automatic scanning

  • Fast scanning
  • Excellent virus detection
  • Advanced users may want more control
  • Scans cannot be scheduled

Basically comprising of the AV area of the full item, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition’s perfect, light, all around developed filtering instruments – which are all around speedier than the business normal – and unrivaled infection definitions mean Bitdefender is back at the highest point of the free tree.

The free rendition’s emphasis on running in autopilot mode is a twofold edged sword, making the procedure of infection administration simple yet removing it from the client’s hands; while we’re slanted to confide in it, there have been cases in the past of programmed frameworks going somewhat rebel, for example, the occurrence a couple of years back when Panda Antivirus distinguished itself as an infection and bolted up countless frameworks.

AV-TEST’s December trying round picked out a couple of defects in its treatment of zero-day dangers, in any case. What’s more, it merits calling attention to that for you can right now get our top of the line paid-for antivirus arrangement – Bitdefender Antivirus Plus – for what might as well be called $1.66 every month. That is a minor add up to pay for a huge amount of additional highlights, for example, web based keeping money assurance, incorporated secret word chief, lasting record shredder and free online every minute of every day bolster.

Best free antivirus windows 10

2. Avast Free Antivirus

Operating system: Windows, Mac, Android | Version: 17 | Features: Virus detection, Gaming mode, Password manager, Malware scanner

  • Doesn’t slow your computer
  • Great virus protection
  • Irritating privacy settings
  • Includes links to paid-for components

Avast and AVG haven’t yet completely converged, notwithstanding the previous formally procuring the last in mid-2016. The recently consolidated organization says the two free antivirus items will stay isolated, despite the fact that there’s obviously a joint AV bundle in transit soon. Clearly, however, Avast currently has significantly more information to work with, having extended its successful userbase (and, along these lines, its risk identification arrange) to an astounding 400 million clients.

The most recent version of Avast Free Antivirus adds a programmed gaming mode to quiet popups and decrease framework stack when you’re starting up an eager for processor diversion, which is exceptionally convenient in fact, and the interface has been given a clean new upgrade. There’s a secret word supervisor which is a certainly decent expansion to your security portfolio.

It scores well on AV-TEST’s far reaching malware benchmark and proceeds with a decisive victory against 0-day assaults – probably that extended discovery organize is truly making a difference. Less great is the slight negative impact Avast has on programming dispatch times, and its somewhat popup-overwhelming state of mind.

Avast Free Antivirus

3. Sophos Home

Operating system: Windows, Mac | Version: 17 | Features: Virus detection, Phishing protection, Parental controls, Protects up to 10 PCs

  • Simple and non-intrusive
  • Good cloud-based control of protected devices
  • No scan scheduling
  • Limited controls for advanced users

Advertising itself as “business-review security”, Sophos Home completes somewhat more than most free antivirus programming, and really appears to be more qualified to families.

You get standard antivirus and hostile to malware security, alongside program apparatuses like against phishing and, in particular, content control. Joined with focal administration of up to 10 PCs, this implies you can successfully secure your children’s perusing choices.

In spite of the fact that AV-TEST hasn’t formally evaluated Sophos’ aptitudes, kindred lab AV-Comparatives offers a better than average rating of its antivirus capacities.

Despite the fact that Sophos Home has dependably had work area notices, there was no top notch variant of the product for it to urge a move up to. That changed in February with the dispatch of Sophos Home Premium.

Sophos Home

4. Kaspersky Free

Operating system: Windows | Version: | Features: Real-time scanning, Anti-phishing, Email scanning, Spyware protection

  • Accurate, reliable antivirus engine
  • User-friendly
  • Basics-only feature set
  • Limited technical support

The paid-for adaptation of Kaspersky’s Windows security programming every now and again beat diagrams of best antivirus arrangements and AV-TEST indeed gave it full checks no matter how you look at it in its most recent round of testing.

As you would expect, Kaspersky Free is a downsized variant of the full program – an antivirus download that we extremely like (more on which underneath). The free form discard extra highlights, for example, security insurance and safe installment sandboxes to focus on intense, nitty gritty and – above all – free assurance for your PC. The outcome is an enormously simple to utilize and explore bit of programming that completes a successful activity of keeping you shielded from infections.

Utilizing the stray pieces certifiable examining motor of the paid-for suite, Kaspersky Free is devilishly hard for infections and trojan ponies to separate. Also, we adore that it doesn’t always annoy you with prods to move up to the full form.

In any case, amusingly, we will only for a minute, in light of the fact that Kasperksy Anti-Virus 2018 isn’t costly to purchase but bears much better security to your PC (or PCs). The standard cost is $29.99 to ensure three PCs and incorporates more muscle with regards to forestalling ransomware, spyware and Trojans.

Kaspersky Free

5. Avira Free Antivirus

Operating system: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS | Version: 2018 | Features: Virus detection, Phishing protection, Built-in VPN, System optimization tools

  • Little impact on system performance
  • Great detection rates
  • Installer promotes other Avira products
  • Lots of popups when running

Avira Free Antivirus for Windows keeps on scoring very on AV-TEST’s stringent trying system, suppress 99.7% of tried dangers, and it for the most part doesn’t put too enormous a weight on your equipment.

It has a spotless, well disposed interface – with a wash update prepared for 2018 – and hurls insignificant false positives. The presentation of a free security suite to alternatively keep running close by it – with ransomware and phishing assurance, a 500MB/month VPN and different speedup guarantees – just sweetens the arrangement. This is extraordinary compared to other free antivirus bundles of 2017.

So why, at that point, have we dropped it from the best spot on our rundown, a position it’s held for as far back as two years? It’s the consistent bullying. There’s a sure level of popups and promotions that is worthy for a free item, and Avira has started to go too far. It’s not as burdensome as some – Comodo’s over-energetic interface rings a bell – however booting up your PC to see Avira yelling at you by and by is bumping.

Avira Free Antivirus

6. AVG AntiVirus Free

Operating system: Windows, Mac, Android | Version: 2018 | Features: Virus detection, Phishing protection, System optimization tools, Malware scanner

  • Quite configurable
  • Great track record of malware protection
  • Scans can be rather slow
  • Not the best phishing protection

There’s a developing pattern among some online savants to name antivirus applications like AVG – and, in fact, AVG particularly – as ‘crapware’. We don’t buy in to that definition; if that term should imply that these applications are incapable or silly, it’s just not genuine.

AVG offers (sensibly) successful infection insurance for nothing, and it does as such with negligible framework affect. In the event that, then again, the disparaging term alludes to items which go somewhat overwhelming on the publicizing and highlights that don’t make a difference – AVG AntiVirus Free’s ‘tune up’ parcel, for example – maybe the shoe fits here.

Popups or not, it’s the antivirus we’re most keen on. Taking a gander at AV-TEST’s figures, and considering AVG has the same extended userbase as Avast, we were a little astounded that its quality doesn’t exactly coordinate to its new parent, and hostile to phishing instruments could utilize some change, as well. It likewise doesn’t have a portion of similar advantages, either, for example, augmentations.

Hypothetically, this could mean AVG’s motor isn’t getting a similar adore it once did, or that Avast’s is marginally more grounded. Notwithstanding, keep your eyes open for the joined Avast-AVG antivirus that is on the cards for not long from now, in light of the fact that the two items running pair may be difficult to beat.

AVG AntiVirus Free
AVG and Avast are now part of the same company, and their unified malware-detection engine comes close to those of industry leaders such as Kaspersky and Bitdefender while having a light system-performance impact. But AVG AntiVirus Free got the short end of the deal, with fewer useful extra features than Avast Free Antivirus and misleadingly named new scans. The good news is that AVG’s wide range of customization options is still available; the bad news is that you still get nagged to upgrade to paid AVG software.

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TOP 10 Free Online antivirus Support Number


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Our Range of Services

We tender all kinds of antivirus support services like Antivirus software installation, renewal of antivirus application package, custom security-antivirus packages etc. We also provide Support for antivirus installation, Help for antivirus un-installation. Our services can be availed for corporate-commercial settings (workplace computers, servers) or Personal computers/laptops (for individual use). Our Client support unit is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We give services based on the issues reported by our clients and the security packages can be customized as per the requirement. Most preferred antivirus packages sought by customers are Kaspersky antivirus, Norton Antivirus which we make available.

How to avail our services?

Customers can access our services from the convenience of their home by reaching us at our support page (at our official website). We are also available on phone and can be reached on 1-855-708-2203. On the email or phone, customers are only required file a brief report of what they’d like us to help them with.

Existing clients can directly speak with our specialized customer support executives through phone or mail, as suitable. Our executives promptly respond to all requests and provide on-phone support for any problems. If further service is required, then our representatives visit the client and personally help them out in resolving the issues. Services listed with us are highly inexpensive.

What all issues we deal with?


  • Issues while installing and uninstalling.
  • Problem in set up files.
  • Trouble in updating the list virus.
  • Product key errors.
  • Issues in scanning the latest infections.
  • Other issues in configuration settings.


These issues always demand certain technical skills and for a non-tech savvy kind of person, it’s really tough to manage. But there is a solution that is simple like anything, dial toll-free numbers and discuss your dilemma with the top notch antivirus support service team.TOP 10 Free Online antivirus Support Number

If you’re worried about your data security, and want to resolve issues on urgent basis, get connected with experts. Why to settle for less when you can get best?

Here is the list of services we provide to our valuable users:

1. Support for 24 X7

We know how critical one problem can be; therefore we render our services at odd hours as well. Be it night, day night, noon or eve, even on festivals, our support services are available to our users.

2. Diagnose or repair

We never provide a temporary solution to our users, and hence we repair and diagnose thoroughly. We dig deep into your antivirus settings and resolve it completely so that it never appears again. We provide proper diagnose services for issues.

3. Quality Services:

The satisfaction of ours clients is our main focus; hence we keep the quality of our antivirus customer support up to mark. Our services not only include repairing but also scanning and insurance of your device from future vulnerabilities.

Everyday a new antivirus brand is introduced in the market which is better than previous but it doesn’t mean it is totally free from issues and protected from intruders. If your newly brought antivirus gets affected by any issues the only solution available is antivirus technical support number.

TOP 10 Free Online antivirus Support Number

We have the experts for the following antivirus brand in our team:


  • Norton antivirus 360 Support
  • McAfee Antivirus Support
  • Eset Nod 32 Antivirus Support.
  • Microsoft Security Essential support.
  • Trend Micro support.
  • AVG Antivirus support.
  • Norton antivirus support.
  • Avast Antivirus support.
  • Webroot antivirus support.
  • Other existing brands.

We believe in providing complete antivirus solutions. You can consult with our experts or order our services to best understand the quality and approach of our service.

Visit @ Call on 855-708-2203  Antivirus Support Number 

How to Fix McAfee Antivirus Problems


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You and your friends are hanging out and you decide to relish your school farewell photos stored in the D- drive of your laptop. You click on the folder and a message pops up: access denied. The first thing that comes to your mind in such a scenario would be ‘Oh My God! My Laptop has been hit by a virus.’ This is when your laptops knight in shining armor, McAfee Antivirus can rescue you. However if there are certain problems with the McAfee Antivirus and if you are not satisfied with the product, the McAfee Services and Support for both home and home office will provide you with the required assistance.How to Fix McAfee Antivirus Problems

The McAfee Total Satisfaction Promise

The McAfee team takes the responsibility of providing assistance to any software problems that arises with the consumer. The McAfee Support phone number is available 24/7 for the customers. One can also log on to the official website and follow the guidelines. The support services are divided into three categories on the website:How to Fix McAfee Antivirus Problems

  • Technical Support: One has to seek for this service when one has issues related to installing and uninstalling the software, error messages on the screen, issues related to downloading of updates and common technical questions. This support is available for the various products falling under both PC and Mac security and Mobile Security.
  • Customer Service: If one requires assistance with sales, non technical queries, registration of the product and refunds this is the category to be tapped upon.
  • McAfee TechMaster: This category provides assistance with Virus Removal, device troubleshooting, operating system errors and internet linked problems.

Improved quality and performance is the result of Kaspersky Professional Services


Extending the field towards Solving threats

Today, Kaspersky is more focused towards solving problems of people. As there are more threats that have been increasing and less of solver agents present. Kaspersky supports and coins the term data protection in the true sense. Kaspersky Antivirus Support Number of organizations and individuals in the field of antivirus that suits the specific requirements of the organizations.

Roles of Kaspersky Professional Services

Kaspersky Antivirus has been in the market for some time and now for different threats it has services separately available. The Engineering Team has been working on Kaspersky and day by day improving and upgrading the features of Kaspersky Antivirus. The benefits of using this antivirus are that it reduces the risk by threats. It minimizes the complexity of the system threats and reduces the cost. They have classes which provide guidance towards proper usage of this antivirus and also provide Kaspersky Antivirus Phone Number.

The engineers have been practicing and giving the best methods to reduce the threats. It has remote or onsite help options available for the customers. The options the Kaspersky Antivirus provides are technical assistance, remote consulting, onsite consulting, training and management of solutions. Here the customers are given training for Kaspersky Labs and for proper implementation of this antivirus that would be helpful in troubleshoot. The best part is that they are available to provide configuration steps, and discount offers for the customers. One gets the opportunity to work with the Kaspersky technician and learn new things.

For more information visit at: broovo.com or call us toll free number : 855-708-2203

How to Fix McAfee Antivirus Problems?


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You and your friends are hanging out and you decide to relish your school farewell photos stored in the D- drive of your laptop. You click on the folder and a message pops up: access denied. The first thing that comes to your mind in such a scenario would be ‘Oh My God! My Laptop has been hit by a virus.’ This is when your laptops knight in shining armor, McAfee Antivirus can rescue you. However if there are certain problems with the McAfee Antivirus and if you are not satisfied with the product, the McAfee Services and Support for both home and home office will provide you with the required assistance.

The McAfee Total Satisfaction Promise

The McAfee team takes the responsibility of providing assistance to any software problems that arises with the consumer. The McAfee Support Phone Number is available 24/7 for the customers. One can also log on to the official website and follow the guidelines. The support services are divided into three categories on the website:

  • Technical Support: One has to seek for this service when one has issues related to installing and uninstalling the software, error messages on the screen, issues related to downloading of updates and common technical questions. This support is available for the various products falling under both PC and Mac security and Mobile Security.

  • Customer Service: If one requires assistance with sales, non technical queries, registration of the product and refunds this is the category to be tapped upon.

  • McAfee TechMaster: This category provides assistance with Virus Removal, device troubleshooting, operating system errors and internet linked problems.

The Best Solution for Computer Viruses



McAfee is one of the most renowned anti-virus software and it is an essential part of Intel Security. It is the world’s largest devoted security technology company. It delivers proactive and reliable solutions plus best services that helps the customer to secure its systems and networks. It safeguards consumer systems and all kind of businesses from the newest malware and developing online threats.

A valid reason to be the best in the market:

It is supported by an award-winning research and development team. It comprises of the latest technologies and ituses a unique and analytical capability which is powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence.

Special facilities for Consumers

It enables users to securely connect to the Internet, surf or shop on the web. It acts as a shield and protects the systems from unknowing threats. There are various products in McAfee Antivirus Tech Support which includes McAfee Internet Security, McAfee All Access, McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Antivirus Plus, McAfee Mobile Security, etc. Clients get complete antispyware protection along with a unique firewall to ensure that their systems remains protected and free from virus. Customers can communicate to the company through McAfee Antivirus Support Phone Number.

Special facilities for Businesses

It provides solutions which deliver the highest levels of threat visibility and antimalware protection. It includes comprehensive antivirus system and endpoint protection. Other protections like cloud and network security, data and database protection makes up the whole package. McAfee’s complete security solutions create a benchmark and extend beyond mere virus software to next-generation firewall.

Defend and fight back against the threats using Kaspersky Antivirus



Protecting from the thieves in the computer

Technology has evolved and so are the techniques to extract information from a computer. If using technology is a boon then it has proved bane also. The threats to the data inside the computer are often at peak, and these threats are virus, malwares or spoof. The data includes pictures, videos, documents and files which are threatened by the attacks of these agents. So one needs to protect their pc using Kaspersky Antivirus Phone number.

How does it resolve the problems?

The Kaspersky Antivirus Support Phone Number provides defence mechanism from spywares and viruses. It works behind and optimises the performance. It boosts the speed of the computer and saves it from getting slow which has been observed in many computers as a major problem. It updates the system and provides notifications for updation of the system. It helps in scanning the system for virus. The scans are of two types which is a full scan and a quick scan. The scans done periodically protects the system from the piling up of the viruses and trash.

It is a tested and awarded Antivirus that solves the threats in 0.02 seconds. It not only protects, but it identifies the threats. Identifying the threats includes identifying new threats also that get entry into the system and which are more complex in form. It has been made in such a way that could give relief to the customers using it.

One person cannot spend his/her day without using internet. Kaspersky Antivirus has latest Internet Security that has a mechanism to fight against these threats. It has always tried to improve the efficiency of the system in which it is working.

Norton Technical Support and the Reasons for Its Popularity


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The need for securing our operating systems from external threats is extremely important. Operating systems, especially for businesses and also for common users, hold important and sensitive data which needs to be protected from threats like viruses, Trojans, hacks etc. This is the reason why security products are becoming increasingly important and popular amongst users. A security system has become like a must have on most operating systems.

The Norton Technical Support System

Norton Security system is counted amongst the safest and advanced computer security systems. The products by Norton ensure that all threats in the operating system are detected and treated immediately. But what is remarkable about Norton Technical Support Number . Such advanced support systems can only be found in quality security product companies. The technical support by Norton Security is accessible to all its users at any point of time. There are various technical support numbers to reach the professionals and get your queries cleared.

Why is it So Popular?

The Norton Technical Support System is advanced and user friendly. The Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number is available to the users at all times. There is also a set forum, wherein queries and issues can be posted to receive quick responses from the tech team. There is an FAQ page wherein solutions to common problems can be sought. Through the Norton Technical Support Number a Live Chat with the tech team can be done. One can be connected to it within a very short or sometimes immediately. Owing to these extremely efficient features, the Norton Technical Support System is popular amongst users.

What Can Norton Technical Support Do For You?



009A device needs to be secured and protected well to prevent virus or any other harmful attacks to the system. This is why there are security products available to install on the system and protect devices like computers, laptops and even mobile phones. Norton security is one such system security product which protects your system from various problems and ensures that it is safe from threats.

Technical Support to Customers from Norton Security

Once one purchases a Norton security product, a number of benefits are gained with it. Along with securing your system from virus and other related threats, the Norton Security also provides complete technical support to their customers. There are online helpdesks by Norton security to provide support to their customers who seek help. The Norton Antivirus Support Number is available and is accessible all the time. There are also technical support forums, wherein there are queries and solutions posted, one can simply look there and find quick solutions.

The Smart Norton Tech Support

The Norton Support centre has a live chat option through which customers with queries and doubts can directly contact the professionals and explain to them the issue they are facing. The live chat as well as the Norton Technical Support Number and also Norton Antivirus Tech Support are available all the time which means 24×7 accesses to the service. The technical support can also help to install the package, renew it and configure it according to the computer system. The technical support service is available to all the devices, which are Windows, Mac, Android or any other operating system which requires security.

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